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Video Marketing and the Consumer World

Did you know that according to research done by Hubspot.com, 53% of people want more video content? Knowing that bit of information is extremely vital for many companies to learn how to creat and market content using video. People are looking for more and more ways to receive information in the fastest, most convenient way possible.  

Let’s face it, we have become used to having most information handed to us with video.  It’s an easy way for us to learn new things and be entertained (sometimes at the same time).

To stay ahead of the game, companies should begin incorporating more videos onto their daily social media feed, as well as on landing pages. It is estimated by Cisco, that by 2019 video will represent 80% of internet traffic worldwide. This means that video will become one of the best ways to get consumers to click through to websites, and even increases the possibilities that customers will buy content being shown to them.

So, why is this the case? Wyzowl, found that 74% of users who watched an explainer video to learn more about a certain product or service bought it. This study found that video marketing can be a persuasive tool, which can be used to educate consumers and push them to buy a product or service easier than before.

Video content also creates numerous possibilities for companies to create brand trust. Consumers do not want to be sold to. Instead, they want brands to care about what they care for. As a company, it is important to give customers interesting and useful information that will drive them to see the content provided. Just like information can be used to draw in consumers, videos can also lead to more interactions if consumers share information with others. 

Wyzowl.com, found that 65% of users would share a video if they found the video informative.  We have all seen video content that has gone viral when consumers found something that they felt was relevant and useful. 

Due to the interaction that video marketing allows, it is time that companies either start or continue to use video to market, or integrate using videos to market towards their target audience. If a video is created in a way that is engaging and informative, it allows consumers to learn about a company and get a as much information as possible. In this fast-paced world, it is important to keep up with how people receive information and navigate the internet.

We have seen over the years that even all of the social media platforms are now pushing video content as reels or stories.  They have realized that people love video content, no matter who has created it.  If you are wanting to grow you business, increase your brand awareness or get more interest in your products or services, video marketing should be a growing part of your marketing campaigns. 

If you are looking for a medical marketing or healthcare marketing agency that can create video content that can explain your services and help grow your practice, give MD Integrated Marketing a call.  We have been working with doctors for years to help fill their waiting rooms and increase their patient base. 


Check out our infographic: 

video marketing infographic

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