Traditional Marketing & Media Buying

Traditional media can magnify your marketing message, allowing more people to learn about your products and services. For decades, media such as TV, radio, billboards and print ads were the primary outlets outlet for advertising campaigns. They are still very strong options and when coupled with digital assets, they can help to amplify you message ever further.  However, in today’s fractured media, you must find an effective balance between traditional methods and digital assets that will help you reach your specific needs and revenue goals.

While they are wonderful marketing platforms, to get the best ROI, you need someone with the knowledge to be able to match your ideal target audience with the best media provider to broadcast the message.  Additionally, you want a partner that understand how to create campaigns that will drive the frequency needed to drive traffic or leads to you. MD Integrated Marketing’s founder spent over 10 years in traditional media creating campaigns for hundreds of clients.  This experience has propelled our clients’ campaigns and helped them to grow their businesses and gain more awareness of their services.

Meeting Customers where they are

With a high percentage of US households cutting the cord and moving to streaming services, more of the market is fractured and must be targeted through those services or the devices they use to watch their content.  To continue to grow your brand or drive leads, you need a partner that understands the numerous ways to reach your target market and can develop content that can grab and hold their attention.  This messaging even extends into client print pieces, patient communications and even support group material.

Event Marketing and Sponsorships

Not to be ignored, event marketing and sponsorships are crucial pieces in the marketing puzzle. These programs not only increase visibility, but also broaden the physical footprint into venues outside of the normal home base or office setting.  Aligning with particular venues or programs can also create a deeper trust and tap into loyal fanbases. At MD Integrated, we have experience negotiating contracts for our clients to become sponsors and gain partnerships with large organizations like Texas Motor Speedway and WinStar World Casino and Resort. 

When selecting a partner to help you grow your business, make sure that you plug in with a group that has experience in all aspects of marketing and is not learning as they go.  To excel in today’s business world, you need a well-rounded marketing message that reaches consumers wherever they are with an engaging message.  With so many choices, what is the best mix for you? The best type of media for your marketing goals will depend on your target audience, your budget and the services you are promoting. At MD Integrated we look at all the available options.

If you are looking for an agency that understands how to create an “integrated” campaign, give us a call, it’s in our name.

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