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Hey there, Small Business Maverick!

We get it—running a small or new business is like embarking on a thrilling adventure. The twists, turns, and occasional curveballs keep things exciting. But, hey, who said you have to navigate this journey alone? We know that social media for a small business can be overwhelming.

Presenting our MD Integrated Social Media Planner, including a social media content calendar —your trusty companion for conquering the social media landscape and propelling your small business to new heights.

Your Business:

  • Business Overview: A snapshot for you to map out your business—its heart, soul, and unique vibe.
  • Business Goals: Plot your course with clear, achievable objectives.
  • Long-Term Goals: Dream big! Chart the milestones for your business’s grand voyage.
  • Target Market/Customer Demographic: Understand your audience and speak directly to their hearts.
  • Notes: A cozy nook for your spontaneous thoughts and lightbulb moments.

Social Media:

  • Admin/Roles: Define who’s who in your social media crew.
  • Passwords: Keep the keys to your kingdom safe and sound.
  • Hashtag Manager: Curate the hashtags that’ll make your content pop.
  • Follower Growth Trackers: Watch your fan base bloom and grow.
  • Giveaway Tracker: Plan, execute, and measure the success of your social media giveaways.
  • Ad Campaign Manager: Keep tabs on your advertising adventures.
  • Best Time To Post: Hit the sweet spots for maximum engagement.


  • To-Do List: Break down your social media tasks into bitesize victories.
  • Idea Dump: A treasure chest for every spark of genius.
  • Monthly Planners: Map out your social media content journey month by month with a social media content calendar.
  • Weekly Planners: Dive into the nitty-gritty details of your social media expedition.

Why Choose Our Planner?

🎉  It’s FREE

🚀 Built for Small Businesses: Tailored with love for businesses just like yours.

💡 Fuel Creativity: Capture and explore new content ideas in our Idea Dump.

🔄 Consistency is Key: Stay on track with regular updates and reviews.

👥 Streamline Teamwork: Define roles and collaborate effectively.

Download your FREE copy of the MD Integrated Social Media Planner and let’s kickstart your social media success story. Because here at MD Integrated, we believe every small business has the potential to shine bright. Your journey to social media greatness begins now!

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