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How to Increase your YouTube Subscribers and Watch Hours.

YouTube is a great platform to utilize for growing your business. Having a channel will help you come up in Google search, expose you to a larger audience and help you get more qualified traffic to your website/business. However, you can’t just post a video and hope that people will find it.  Here are some tips to help you increase your YouTube subscribers and watch hours.

Tip 1: Engage with others to increase your YouTube Subscribers and watch hours.​

Engage not only in your own comment section but also in other content creators’ videos and with their audiences.

Best practices with engagement.

  1. Make sure you are engaging with videos/creators that offer the same kind of topics, content or at least in the same industry. If you’re a food channel, make sure to engage with other food channels and connect with your competitors’ audience. 
  2. Avoid spamming. Remember that going over the top on this step may come across like you are spamming. Make sure that you don’t just copy and paste. Remember to tailor fit the comments that you are making to every commenter or channel.
  3. It would be best to engage using the YouTube account that you are growing! However, there are some instances where you can utilize different channels to help grow a specific channel. Influencers and partnerships can create some great opportunities for collaboration and have proven to be very successful in increasing awareness and growth.

Tip 2: Re-use your Reels and TikToks as content to help increase your YouTube subscribers and watch hours.

When TikTok disrupted the social media industry, the other platforms started to pivot and introduce new features like Reels and YouTube Shorts. Now, if you have noticed, when a platform releases new features, they prioritize the content that uses that specific feature. Currently, as other platforms are trying to keep up with TikTok, we are experiencing an organic push of short form videos. (Meaning we don’t have to pay for boosting or ads to increase Reach, Engagement, Followers and Leads!) So, use the power of repurpose. 

There are some big YouTube Channels and all they do is upload shorts. Social media is fun, but it’s an experiment and action game too! The faster you act, the better you’ll know, and once you know better, the more chances you’ll have in getting your desired results. Click that little, red record button and start increasing your YouTube subscribers with the help of YouTube shorts!

Tip 3: Cross Promote on your other social media to increase your YouTube Subscribers and watch hours.

Use your other social media platforms as a leverage to tease your audience to come into your channel. These platforms will serve as funnels for people to flow into your channel in a very smooth manner.

TIKTOK Tips to get more YouTube subscribers

– Link your YT Channel on you TikTok accounts

– TikTok is a great platform for teasers, so make sure to not forget to put your CTA for them to check out the full video on your YT for more value!

Instagram Tips to get more YouTube subscribers  

– Put the link in your BIOS/Linktree or Flowcode (See example here)

– Create a Highlight just for your YouTube Content/Teasers. This way, you’re creating an album for your audience. People don’t want to scroll so much to search for value. If they see the content up there in your highlights, the higher the possibility of them clicking the link. 

Facebook Tips to get more YouTube subscribers  (See example here)

– Always upload reels. In this case, upload teasers of your most current YouTube Video.

– Pin the post for the promotion of your YT video on your page. In this way, people will immediately see the “biggest value” that you’re offering for that specific period.

– Find Facebook groups in your area of expertise and share your content there. (Pay attention to the specific rules of the groups).  If you find the right group and post the content that is relevant to them, this can also increase your YouTube subscribers and watch hours. 

Tip 4: Never underestimate the power of keywords, hashtags, tags and thumbnails to increase your YouTube subscribers and watch hours.

YouTube search is very similar to other search engines.  As viewers are looking for content, they type in keywords or phrases to help pull content that is relevant to their needs.  Make sure your description is written with relevant keywords and accurately describes your content.  As your content gets more views and positive engagement, YouTube will be more likely to recommend your videos and help expand your audience.

Make sure you are using the correct and relevant hashtags on your videos. We put hashtags in the description box and generally try to add at least 3 hashtags. Tags are important too, keep in mind to put only those keywords that are relevant to your content and what people would likely type when they are searching for content.   

Thumbnails. Now this is fun! Some people take this part for granted. But this is actually one of the factors that will determine if your audience will click on your video or not, This will really help increase your YouTube subscribers. Let’s say you saw two videos that initially offer the information that you want to know. The first video has a very awesome thumbnail with all the graphics, emojis and pictures in it. On the other hand, there is that other video that just has a straight to the point text of what the video is all about. “What would be your choice?”

a bad thumbnail won't help increase your YouTube subscribers

YouTube pulled “thumbnail”, probably won’t help increase your YouTube subscribers.

A good thumbnail can help increase your YouTube subscribers

Tailored YouTube Thumbnail, can help increase your YouTube subscribers

Of course, this one is still subjective. But since time is of the essence, we want people to see the thumbnail and know exactly what they will get from watching the video. We aren’t saying to abandon your brand guide or to not have fun creating your Thumbnails, but for you to take time and find that balance. To be Fun, Straightforward and Interesting. all at the same time.

Tip 5: Track Your Progress and Be Consistent to increase your YouTube subscribers and watch hours.

It’s important that you always track the performance of your current strategy. Again, this is not a one size fits all. But this is a strategic way of boosting your presence on Youtube. Remember, tracking your progress also means to not be afraid to try new things! After all, tracking is for us to know what is working and what is not working. Consistency is the most important part. Make sure you give time to do the engagement/promotion as consistent and frequent as possible. This way you can have better data, because just like what we say in business, the more business information we have, the better the decisions we can make!

Connection and relatability are strong players in this digital world. Connecting with your target markets are vital for them to see the “value” your business can give to theirs. The more people see the value, the more you will increase your YouTube subscribers. And these tips will serve as your guide in setting up your path towards growth.

As always, if you need help with social media campaigns or strategy, MD Integrated Marketing is one click away.

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