Digital Marketing

At MD Integrated, we bring the entire suite of digital services to you, packaged together for your needs. As of 2020, even the inexperienced advertiser uses some digital marketing to spread awareness for their product or service. However, separating your business from the rest requires more than just a Facebook page and a pretty website.

To reach your targeted consumer or soon-to-be patient, the content needs to work together in such a way that your service resonates with them. To do so, your online presence must include several online mediums to reach new consumers and return those who have expressed an interest.

Delivering Leads and results

As a medical marketing agency, MD Integrated has delivered thousands of leads. However, our contact does not just stop at the initial inquiry, but it’s cultivated for months thereafter. Many elective procedures, like bariatric or cosmetic surgery, have longer sales cycles and tremendous competition.  We have developed automated drip funnels that continue to send out appropriate messaging to remain at the forefront of the minds of future prospects, months after the initial contact. For patients who convert quickly, we also create content such as monthly newsletters and support groups to help with compliance and patient satisfaction. This pays off in the form of positive reviews and more referrals!

Driving Engagement

Digital marketing not only delivers new leads but also many new data points on your fans. This information can be very helpful in creating relevant content and graphics that will drive engagement and continue to keep you in front of the right audience. For effective social media ads, that information becomes useful in targeting your campaigns to reach alike audiences with the same needs likely to respond to your messaging. Healthcare marketing can be very difficult, as advertising content requires rigorous approval processes via platforms like Facebook. Working with an agency who has spent the time familiarizing themselves with getting ad content approved for boosted posts and targeted ads is your best bet for growing leads from social media.

Let MD Integrated put a plan together to help get you and keep you in front of the best people for your products and services.

Whether your content lives on your website, your social platforms or third-party sites that cater to people at the very beginning of their journey, MDI has the knowledge and experience to create campaigns that drive leads to your inbox and increases conversions for your business. Call today to find out more about all of our services.

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