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B2B Video Marketing

B2B Video Marketing How To

Video marketing is the latest and greatest way to market your brand through the power of technology. Many companies do not realize the importance of B2B marketing, although more than 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, according to weidert.com. Many companies have avoided using video marketing as a tool to attract consumers, but this trend has quickly changed, and targeted video is hotter than ever!

Investing money in B2B video marketing is a valued, and highly recommended practice via today’s marketing efforts. According to diverse statistics shown on beacondigitalmarketing.com, 57% of people age 55+ want to see more videos. Videos are rarely ignored, but a video that is well made and caters to its viewers will always draw positive attention. So how do you create a video that will appeal to other companies and consumers?

Consider telling a story about what companies would gain from investing time and effort in partnership. LinkedIn created a list of characteristics that are used to create an effective B2B video:  

  • B2B Video Marketing Communicates One Idea, Solution, or Goal – It is important to make sure that the marketing video follows one goal. Before creating the video, it is important to create a clear purpose. If the video jumps around too much, viewers may find it hard to follow and it may lead to losing possible customers. LinkedIn explains that it is important that the purpose should be very clear from the title, and should tie into some sort of marketing objective (Brand Awareness, Thought Leadership, or Lead Generation)
  • In B2B Video Marketing, Your Lighting and Sound Quality Must Be Good – It is not necessary to have super expensive lighting gear and sound systems, all that is necessary is a phone, mobile microphone, and LED lights. As long as a good location is kept in mind, very expensive gear really isn’t necessary. Using a camera and/or phone tripod to reduce shaking and unsteady shots while filming is recommended. When choosing a location, keep shadows, bright windows, and background noise in mind when thinking of shooting a video.
  • Your B2B Video Marketing Script Needs To Engages Others – When writing a script, make sure that you pay attention to what type a video you are writing for. If you are writing a script for a video that will have dialogue, make sure that your script is conversational and enticing. If the video is non-verbal and is narrated, it is important to make the video alluring and interesting for the viewers to capture and keep their attention.
  • Your B2B Video Length Is Important – Although a specific run time for B2B marketing videos varies, it is crucial to understand that business professionals prefer a bite size length. It’s important to make sure to shorten or lengthen videos depending on the social media platform used.
  • Your B2B Video Marketing Plan Needs A Call to Action That is Clear and Measurable – The purpose of a marketing video is to create a goal, entertain others, and to offer a clear objective to your target audience. That objective can be to raise brand awareness, or to create an increase in interaction online. It is important to have a clear CTA (call to action) at the end of the video. The CTA must be measurable and must be tractable if using a short link from a video to a website.

Researching, outlining and producing B2B marketing videos is essential, and should be a core part of a company’s presence online and beyond.

Check out our infographic: 


B2B Video Marketing

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