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Double your number of consults/appointments scheduled

Work with an agency experienced in integrated healthcare marketing, home services and hospitality marketing

What We Do

From the moment we begin collaboration with a client, we are hyper-focused on reaching and surpassing our clients' goals. Whether that be filling your waiting room with patients, increasing online leads, or growing on-site foot traffic; this is what we do. We start by connecting with your brand and assessing your needs, then we create a customized marketing strategy and plan of action.



A group of experienced innovators, strategists, and creatives ready to push up our sleeves and put in the time to research, connect, and execute in order to create excellent results for our clients. 

Our belief is that connecting with our clients and understanding the purpose behind the brand is imperative to successful campaigns. The MDI marketing team is fabulous at creating a culture that fosters real connections & collaboration with our brands – we aren’t just a face behind your computer screen.

Integrated Medical & Healthcare Marketing

Increasing visits and patients for the better of the community and YOUR practice.

Extensive Experience in Healthcare Marketing

MD Integrated has experience working with bariatric surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, weight loss clinics, medspas, physical therapy, emergency care, and B2B marketing for doctors. We're familiar with HIPAA rules and regulations for advertising.

Integrated Corporate Communications and Marketing Assets

We can work with your EMR/CRM. Our specialists are fantastic at integrating promotional assets into your company's management system in order to track where your conversions are coming from. We can optimize the use of your practice management software based on your practice's needs.

Medical Marketing One-Stop-Shop

We do it all under one roof. There's no need to hire and manage several specialists. Our services range from digital marketing (social media management, website development, online ads) to traditional marketing (TV advertising, media buying, print).

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